Most people in our small hometown know us as the Mast Girls, the daughters of a 4th generation grain farmer and seed dealer in London, Ohio.

Growing up, our Dad & Gramps were our babysitters. We spent many days cleaning the combine windows with our baby wipes, & usually were fighting over who was going to push the "unload" button while helping to drive. As we grew older, we both developed a love for cattle &spent our summers prepping our 4-H & FFA Projects for the county fair.

Agriculture was our world.

Once it came time for college we took separate career paths one in Agriculture & one in Biology. Let's just say neither of us planned for this boutique in our future.

It just happened.

Rural Roads & Roots started as a brand for custom agricultural canvases taken on our farm, and surrounding farms in our area. A few months after selling images of our cattle, three local store fronts started carrying our work. the outpouring support from our community was amazing. "You should create a store front" they said. but we said let's do one better & start a mobile boutique.

Don't let someone tell you what you can & can't do. sometimes God has other plans, and let's just say this was his plan for us and we are so grateful!

Advocating for an amazing industry through our canvases, clothing line & custom Ag apparel would be a dream for so many & we are fortunate enough to be back to our roots doing what we love.